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Digital Fundraising

July 29 2016

iPhone 5S with VISA card
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Fundraising is vital for charities, not only to raise money for their beneficiaries, but also to get the word out about worthwhile causes and connect with people in the community. Anyone who’s stood on the high street for a couple of hours with a bucket of coins and a handful of leaflets will tell you […]

How to use PPC

July 22 2016

Pay Per Click
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Pay Per Click is an online advertising model where a website owner pays an ad publisher every time someone clicks through to the website via the ad. It’s been a hugely successful form of digital marketing, but there are a number of different techniques and models you can use to make it work. Here are […]

Building a Web Presence for a New Company

July 15 2016

iPad company website
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Building a Web Presence for a Start-up Thinking about starting up your own technology company? Or maybe you’ve already decided to give it a go but need to know more about creating a web presence. This post is a rundown of the indispensable steps needed to build a successful website to make your company’s voice […]

SEO 101: Keywords

July 12 2016

MacBook Air with Google landing page
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How to Use Keywords A vital SEO technique is the use of keywords to bring people who search for those terms to your website. This allows people interested in what your website promotes to find your website, as well as increase your website’s prominence in search engine results. In order to use keywords successfully, you […]

How Apps can help in business and leisure

July 11 2016

iPhone mobile apps
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The mobile app revolution has changed the nature of the interface between users and technology. But in terms of its potential for businesses and marketers, the surface has barely been scratched. This despite the investment that has gone into the security and creation of mobile apps. The use of apps is widespread in industries like […]

Amazon WordPress hosting – Amazon Web Services (AWS)

July 5 2016

Server room
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Wirebox have developed a website for the popular science publisher New Scientist, to promote an event they are hosting at ExCel London from the 22nd September, 2016. The WordPress website was developed with the expectation that the website would receive high volumes of traffic through visitors from many different sources. Some of these sources, such […]

Publicizing Events Online

July 4 2016

Social networking icons
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Public Events Online Promotion So you’ve got a public or business event coming up, which you want to promote online. Pretty much every successful business publicises events using social media or their own website. But how do you do it, and how can you do it well? Here are some tips about how to best […]