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October 28 2016

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What is HTTP/2? It’s a major revision in the HTTP network protocol used by the World Wide Web. It’s a step forward from the SPDY protocol originally developed by Google, and an improvement over HTTP 1.1. It means that new web applications can take advantage of increased speed. While HTTP/2 leaves most of 1.1’s high-level […]

On-Page SEO Tips and Tricks

October 21 2016

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On-Page SEO Tips and Tricks On-page SEO is the art and science of making your webpage as successful as possible in natural search results. By making your page more readable, more user friendly and more interesting to crawlers, you can make your page more accessible to people searching for anything relevant to the page. There […]

The Low-Down on WordPress 4.6

October 14 2016

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WordPress 4.6: What you Need to Know WordPress ‘Pepper’, named after the jazz baritone saxophonist has many new features and functions. Here’s what WordPress users need to know. Update Improvement Theme and plugin management is streamlined in a more efficient update and installation process. Native Fonts All the fonts you know and love, from Times […]

How Website Speed Impacts Search Rankings

October 7 2016

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Having a great looking website with lots of useful information will undoubtedly get you higher up in search engine rankings, as will strategic linking and social media outreach. But one factor you may not have given much thought to, but which is vitally important in moving your site up Google’s listings, is website speed. Now, […]