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What are AMPs?

December 30 2016

Person in front of laptop on iPad
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AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages and they are, quite simply, faster pages. Maybe, you say, you’re a mobile user and your pages don’t load quickly enough. You wouldn’t be in the minority; it can often take several seconds for a mobile page to load and 40% of people will give up during those seconds. […]

What is an API?

December 23 2016

Map application on iPad
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APIs, or Application Programme Interfaces, are sets of functions and procedures to allow the creation of applications in an operating system or service to access its data and features of another. Put another way, APIs allow devices to talk to one another. Just as I translated a jargonistic explanation of API’s into an easily digestible […]

Odoo 101: Barcode Scanner Connection

December 16 2016

Odoo barcode scanner
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Many online commercial businesses, particularly large retailers, make use of warehouses and barcode scanners. Yet one of the most difficult aspects of warehouse organising is the synchronisation of data. You have to keep track of large numbers of items: what they are, where they’re going and how much they cost. Barcode scanners can be used […]

Magento and Odoo Integration

December 9 2016

Magento Odoo Connector logo
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Magento and Odoo are two of the most popular open-source, community based digital platforms around for businesses. But do you need to choose between the two, or can you integrate these two systems in order to get the best of both worlds? We were asked by a customer how they could use Magento for ecommerce […]

PHPNW 2016

December 2 2016

PHP North West Conference 2016
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Having never been to a conference before I didn’t know what to expect from one of the larger UK PHP events. I regularly watch conference talks on YouTube, so I was keen to see how attending compared. Looking at the three-track schedule, the topics on offer were varied. There were framework specific talks on Zend […]