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Odoo 10

January 27 2017

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Odoo 10: The 7 New Updates to Learn About Odoo 10 is out, the latest version of the complete Enterprise Resource Planning software that so many choose to run their businesses with. Odoo has undergone an immense change, from the complete rewriting of some applications to the addition of tasks. A grand total of 112 […]

What is SSL Security?

January 20 2017

Locker keys with security algorithm patterns
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SSL Security SSL stands for ‘Secure Sockets Layer’, and is a form of security technology which encrypts information coming into and going out of a website, so that data shared by visitors to the site remains confidential. You can tell if a website is SSL secure by looking at the URL; if it starts with […]

The fifteen keys to WordPress security

January 13 2017

WordPress functions configuration file
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Is your WordPress site vulnerable to attacks or viruses? You can never be completely sure, of course, that you aren’t being hacked. That’s the anonymous and unregulated nature of the internet. Whenever you visit a site or give out information online, you’re taking a risk. You can’t be sure that you’re secure online, but you […]

Intelligence driven keyword research

January 6 2017

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Classical keyword research, finding out how many times a keyword is used to get to your site in a given timeframe, is not particularly relevant to marketing for online businesses. Sure, it tells you what people type to get to your site, but it doesn’t necessarily tell you why, or what products they’re actually looking […]