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Enabling Online Payments

March 31 2017

Vector graphic of online shopping on iMac
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If you own an online company, or your company has a website, then online payments can make it easier for your customers to obtain the services they need in a way that is effective for them. Having an online payment service for your business is definitely something you should be thinking about if you don’t […]

On Spec Work

March 24 2017

Application prototyping diagrams
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We recently came across this video, parodying ‘spec work’. We’re a digital development and design company, and sometimes companies in this field get requests for speculative work. This article is our take on spec work and how it affects the design community. What is Spec Work? Free stuff is great, isn’t it? People like trying free […]

Online payments and conversion rates

March 17 2017

Vector graphic of monitor showing an online shopping product page
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What is the link between online payments and conversion rates? The economy is more global in scope than ever, nowhere more so than the realm of e-commerce, which allows someone from one part of the planet to buy an item from another part. But in order to make the most use of international markets, you […]

Changes to Social Media in 2017

March 10 2017

Graphic of social media icons
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This year is moving fast. It seems like 2017 only just began and it’s already February. But in an age of acceleration, social media is moving at an alarming pace. In order to have a successful social media campaign that connects potential customers with your brand, you have to keep up and make use of […]

Video SEO

March 3 2017

Two children watching something on a MacBook
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If your 2017 online marketing strategy doesn’t have video as a major component, it’s time for a rethink. Video consumption on Youtube by younger, engaged viewers has exploded. Youtube now has a prime time audience among 18-49 year olds that’s bigger than the top 10 TV shows combined. Furthermore, young people are more passionate about […]