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What is Open Banking?

January 22 2018

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What is Open Banking? Many are only vaguely aware of the quiet revolution taking place in the banking sector. A change in the law now means that you can share your financial data with companies other than your bank, in order to make use of apps that can help you to budget, keep track of […]

Pay Per Click & Google Adwords

January 17 2018

Pay Per Click
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What is Pay-Per-Click? The internet is full of free content. How does it get paid for? The simple answer is advertising. You get access to a practically endless library, with more information on any topic than you can get through in a lifetime, and the only price of admission is to see or watch ads. […]

Importance of Branding

January 12 2018

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Why is Branding Important? Branding is important for any business, especially a business which relies on word of mouth, a target audience or is an online company. What is your brand? Basically, it’s the part of your business that the public can see. That covers a lot. Including customer service, advertising, public relations and product […]

Meltdown and Spectre: What You Need to Know

January 8 2018

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  Virtually every computer, mobile and cloud device is vulnerable to two serious flaws which could allow passwords and other sensitive data to be leaked, according to reports by Google Project Zero, and other independent researchers. This story has caused tremors across the tech world, with people clamouring to find out what the problem is, […]

LinkedIn Marketing

January 4 2018

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You may know LinkedIn as a site for connected with work colleagues, networking between firms and advertising jobs. But it is also a powerful marketing tool for online businesses. The social networking service offers opportunities to build relationships with customers and suppliers as well as to increase awareness about your brand more generally. SEO Part […]