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Building a Web Presence for a New Company

July 15 2016

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Building a Web Presence for a Start-up

Thinking about starting up your own technology company? Or maybe you’ve already decided to give it a go but need to know more about creating a web presence. This post is a rundown of the indispensable steps needed to build a successful website to make your company’s voice heard online. Whether you’re starting a technology company or any kind of business, it’s very beneficial to have a website that people can access from any part of the world. It means that your users and potential customers can find out about you, share your website with their social media circles and naturally increase your search engine prominence.

Step One: Choose Your Platform

So the first step is to set up a website. You’ll need a platform for this for which there are many, you will also require a web hosting service. One of Wirebox’s preferred CMS platforms is WordPress, we used it to make our site! Which web CMS you use will depend on what you want out of it, and you’ll need to think about flexibility, applications, the amount of effort and skill required to implement it, and the budget you have. While you can get many flexible, easy to use and high-quality platforms (such as WordPress) online for free, if you’re willing to pay for a bespoke website that will set you apart from the crowd then it might be worth shopping around for vendors and developers.

Step Two: Managing and Improving Site Traffic

Once you have a site that represents the aims and services of your company, it’s time to start managing traffic. Traffic is the rate at which people visit your website. They may chance upon your site by searching for a keyword or phrase that features on your site, or they may click through to a link from another site that mentions you. Traffic is something e-commerce sites and online companies prize very highly, because it’s a form of free marketing, people share sites they like with others, and because it increases the chances of the people visiting your site and becoming potential customers.

The way to increase site traffic is through SEO, Search Engine Optimisation. This means making it more likely for people to be able to find your site through a search engine, by increasing your search engine rankings. We have a blog series about SEO, the tricks and techniques to using it effectively. For the SEO beginner, it’s important to focus on keywords and phrases that people looking for the services you provide are likely to search for. Another thing to think about is cross-linking, linking to different pages within your site, and links to and from other sites which your customers would also probably search for.
An alternative and effective, quick route to market is using pay per click (PPC) advertising. Google is the most common as it commands the most visitors and traffic, however there are alternatives.

Step Three: Monetising Your Site

You can use a website to generate revenue. This is a good business model if you’re intending to set up an online business, or sell things online. Adsense is the strategy of putting advertising on your site for a company which pays you a sum of money for every time a visitor clicks through to the company’s website via the advert. This revenue will build up the more traffic you get.

Step Four: Customer Engagement

A strong online presence affords your company the opportunity to build strong customer relationships through social media. You can create online campaigns which will hopefully garner interest and get people to share it on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Customers can also reach out to you via social media if they have any queries and concerns. The interactivity of the internet means that customers and companies can have a two-way dialogue, which both increases customer loyalty and customer satisfaction.

Wirebox Can Help

If you’re unsure about how to implement these steps, or how to proceed, you’re not alone. Navigating social media and having an outstanding website is something that even the biggest companies don’t always master. But our team at Wirebox have expert knowledge and experience creating online campaigns, managing social media and developing a web-presence for a wide variety of different business models. Contact us for a consultation or to help you set up, promote or popularise your website.