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Custom web development projects during lock-down

June 11 2020

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Web Development Projects DuringLock-Down While our office doors remain closed, our developers have remained busy providing our custom web development services.  Tucked away in their home offices, our teams have still been supporting businesses that have had to make huge changes to how they operate.  Some of the requests we have received have been pretty […]

The value of wireframes when planning a project

October 14 2019

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The value of wireframes when planning a project So you have chosen the expert developers at Wirebox to build your new website or database – good choice!  What happens next? Well, for a website, we start by planning out the layout and content of the website in order to bring the concept to life.  If […]

Why migrate from MS Access to MySQL?

September 24 2019

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Why migrate from MS Access to MySQL? If you have reached the decision that MS Access is no longer working for your business, then Wirebox can work with you to create a custom MySQL database and successfully migrate your important data from MS Access to MySQL.  This would allow a higher number of users to […]

5 reasons to ditch MS Access for MYSQL

September 6 2019

Microsoft Access logo
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5 reasons to ditch MS Access for MYSQL Microsoft’s database application, Access has been around since 1992 and chances are you have come across it on your desktop.  As it’s bundled in with Microsoft’s Office suite, many businesses use it as the go to system for managing their data. However, with so many new developments […]

Custom database development, Data mining and using data as factual evidence

September 28 2018

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In November 2015 Wirebox were contacted by an international legal firm, a firm with over 1200 lawyers specialising in multiple specific practice areas including Intellectual Property, Banking & Finance and sectors such as Technology and Communications and Retail. The legal firm had been instructed by one of their international clients in the Communications sector in […]

Database vs Excel and Word

February 12 2018

Excel spreadsheet
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Does your company still use Microsoft Excel and Word (Or for Mac users, Pages and Numbers) to house your important info on clients, deals and orders, rather than a database? You should really be asking yourself why, because it can be easy to get used to a content management system that doesn’t work as well […]

Using Big Data

September 22 2017

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“Big data” refers to data sets so large that conventional software can’t process them adequately for the task required. Some of the challenges surrounding big data include data capture and storage, analysis and sharing, and visualisation and transfer. Big data has developed out of a greater ability to gather data from the Internet of things, […]

The Dangers of Excel

July 30 2017

Pie, line and bar charts on a browser
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The Dangers of Excel Excel may seem harmless enough as a system for managing your company’s data, but it can actually be downright dangerous. In fact, it might be the most dangerous software on the planet. Sound like an exaggeration? Often a small spreadsheet error might not be life threatening, but small errors can lead […]

Spreadsheet vs Database

July 30 2017

Spreadsheet icon and data storage cylinder
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Spreadsheets, Databases and the ‘Get a Mac’ Campaign Which is better for your business’ data management, a database or a spreadsheet? To help you find out, you might want to think about these two solutions in these terms: which is a Mac, and which is a PC? The old ‘Get a Mac’ campaign highlighted the […]

Benefits of a Database

July 30 2017

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5 Big Benefits of a Database People and businesses are becoming increasingly tired of Excel spreadsheets as a way of storing and processing important data. The problem is that Excel isn’t a very good way of managing data, because spreadsheets tend to be inaccurate, slow, unwieldy to manage and frankly a security hazard. In contrast, […]