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Custom database development, Data mining and using data as factual evidence

September 28 2018

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In November 2015 Wirebox were contacted by an international legal firm, a firm with over 1200 lawyers specialising in multiple specific practice areas including Intellectual Property, Banking & Finance and sectors such as Technology and Communications and Retail. The legal firm had been instructed by one of their international clients in the Communications sector in […]

The Importance of Coding

February 23 2018

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Barclay’s Code Playground is a fun way to get young people interested in coding. You can click on animated graphics and input different variables into their software programme, in effect changing the way they behave and move. Wirebox supports young people learning to code and the skill becoming more widely achievable. But why is learning […]

How AI is Changing Web Development

October 9 2017

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What is AI? Artificial Intelligence used to be a theme for science fiction. However AI is real and has become a major part of society. From automated checkouts and call centers to self-driving cars and robot doctors. Machines have come a long way from doing the rote industrial labour of factory workers and horse-drawn carriages. […]

Troubleshooting: Common Mistakes When Upgrading Your IT System

July 17 2017

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Changing or upgrading your IT system can be tricky and fraught with dangers. If done incorrectly, the change could have affect the departments of your company and your clients’ personal information could be at risk from hackers. But correctly updating your system will improve your quality of customer support and service provision, gaining you loyal […]

WordPress 4.8

July 10 2017

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What to Expect from WordPress 4.8 Expectations are everything, and with the new WordPress 4.8 “Evans” coming out in a week’s time, the new properties and features need to be explained in detail to give developers an informed preview of what to expect. Named after the jazz pianist Bill Evans, the latest version of WordPress […]

Open Source Revolution

February 3 2017

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Open source software has allowed businesses to manage their operations more effectively and at reduced cost. Digital ERPs, or Enterprise Resource Planners such as Odoo have the facilities to digitalise and integrate all aspects of a business, including sales and purchase orders, accounting and finance, manufacturing and customer relationships and human resources. There are modules […]

Building a Web Presence for a New Company

July 15 2016

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Building a Web Presence for a Start-up Thinking about starting up your own technology company? Or maybe you’ve already decided to give it a go but need to know more about creating a web presence. This post is a rundown of the indispensable steps needed to build a successful website to make your company’s voice […]

How to Prototype a Website

May 20 2016

Application prototyping diagrams
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So you want to design your own website. You’ve got a great idea for a commercial website, but where do you start? How do you turn that all important idea into a virtual reality? There are several steps, including buying a web address, finding a web host, marketing your website using analytics and SEO. But […]

Educational Resources for Software Programmers

February 5 2016

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Are you interested in coding and want to know more, but aren’t really sure where to start? There is a preponderance of resources online for increasing your understanding, but which are the most accessible and informative? We work a lot with the Laravel Framework, a PHP language aimed at creative web designers. There are many […]

Third Party Integration

February 4 2016

Digital marketing
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Third party integration is the integration of third party applications into your current operating system. These third party apps are created and distributed by vendors other than the developer or platform and allow greater functionality on your website for your users and customers. An example of a third party application which can be integrated into […]