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How to target the mature market and increase leads

December 4 2019

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How to target the mature market and increase leads Over half of the adults in the UK are aged over 45, but there can be a perception that advertising doesn’t work for the older generation but why would you ignore half of the population?  With the right research and understanding of this market, their interests […]

Why migrate from MS Access to MySQL?

September 24 2019

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Why migrate from MS Access to MySQL? If you have reached the decision that MS Access is no longer working for your business, then Wirebox can work with you to create a custom MySQL database and successfully migrate your important data from MS Access to MySQL.  This would allow a higher number of users to […]

Which eCommerce platform is best for your business?

June 4 2019

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When launching an eCommerce business it’s vital you get the technology right, so we have reviewed the top 3 eCommerce solutions on the market to help you decide which is the best option for your business. Magento Magento is the world’s most powerful eCommerce platform on the market, it helps power a range of organisations […]

Benefits of Integrating WordPress and Magento

February 19 2019

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Benefits of Integrating WordPress and Magento WordPress is the go to platform and it the most popular choice for bloggers and small businesses.  It allows you, via open source software to create websites and blogs. Magento is the go to platform for everything eCommerce. Again built in open source.  It’s technology provides online merchants with […]

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

November 23 2018

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Black Friday is here. It’s a holiday that many people associate with large crowds of people stampeding shops and snatching up discounted goods, hopefully with minimal disruption. But the days of Black Friday causing excitement at shops on the high street might be coming to an end, judging by the trend of more people to […]

Sales and Ecommerce

September 26 2017

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Sales and Ecommerce Optimization What are the factors of e-commerce that determine a sale? Experiences matter, with first impressions being a significant determinant of brand loyalty and sales. If your site’s visitors have a difficult time understanding your site and going through the process to buy something, they’ll quickly get bored and move on to […]

Review Platforms for E-commerce

April 14 2017

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Customer reviews are an important part of getting feedback for businesses, especially online businesses who use reviews and testimonials to advertise products and services on their site. A study of online customer behaviour shows that in recent years, more people are using reviews to pick businesses on a regular basis. Further evidence suggests more reviews […]

Enabling Online Payments

March 31 2017

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If you own an online company, or your company has a website, then online payments can make it easier for your customers to obtain the services they need in a way that is effective for them. Having an online payment service for your business is definitely something you should be thinking about if you don’t […]

Online payments and conversion rates

March 17 2017

Vector graphic of monitor showing an online shopping product page
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What is the link between online payments and conversion rates? The economy is more global in scope than ever, nowhere more so than the realm of e-commerce, which allows someone from one part of the planet to buy an item from another part. But in order to make the most use of international markets, you […]

Odoo 101: Variable Attributes

February 10 2017

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What are Variable Attributes? When selling products online, such as hats, those hats may come in different colours, kinds, sizes, materials, etc. These are the variable attributes of your product, and a customer using your site will need to choose amongst these different attributes to find the product that they want to buy. Being able […]