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How to target the mature market and increase leads

December 4 2019

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How to target the mature market and increase leads Over half of the adults in the UK are aged over 45, but there can be a perception that advertising doesn’t work for the older generation but why would you ignore half of the population?  With the right research and understanding of this market, their interests […]

Filter Bubbles – What you need to know

November 14 2019

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Filter Bubbles – What you need to know What is a Filter Bubble? A filter bubble is when search engines and social media algorithms show highly selective  results to each and every user. These results are based on the large amounts of data that users normally very willingly give up to these sites with the […]

Using Positive Marketing to Reduce Burnout

December 28 2018

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The Problem of Social Media Burnout Many are leaving facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. Why? For a number of reasons, including privacy concerns and commercialisation, as well as concerns about negative health effects. 34% of “generation z” users, born between the mid 1990s and early 2000s, are leaving social media, with many citing […]

Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses UK – Re-Thinking Productivity, London

June 26 2018

Goldman Sachs Rethinking Productivity conference poster
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Written by Andrew Ajoodha, Wirebox Founder On the 19th June I was invited to attend the Goldman Sachs alumni 10,000 Small Businesses UK Rethinking Productivity Conference in London at the Bloomberg European Headquarters in London. Productivity is something I am trying to improve at Wirebox, so I was really looking forward to the event and […]

LinkedIn Marketing

January 4 2018

LinkedIn logo
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You may know LinkedIn as a site for connected with work colleagues, networking between firms and advertising jobs. But it is also a powerful marketing tool for online businesses. The social networking service offers opportunities to build relationships with customers and suppliers as well as to increase awareness about your brand more generally. SEO Part […]

Using Big Data

September 22 2017

Screen of Javascript code
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“Big data” refers to data sets so large that conventional software can’t process them adequately for the task required. Some of the challenges surrounding big data include data capture and storage, analysis and sharing, and visualisation and transfer. Big data has developed out of a greater ability to gather data from the Internet of things, […]

Social Marketing: Twitter

May 12 2017

Twitter app on phone
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Guide to Twitter Marketing Twitter. Everyone’s on it. It’s a powerful platform for building connections between people and brands. It’s a way of creating, sharing and responding to momentary messages which take seconds to catch on or be buried under a tsunami of other ideas, opinions and links. In this kind of environment, a marketing […]

Changes to Social Media in 2017

March 10 2017

Graphic of social media icons
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This year is moving fast. It seems like 2017 only just began and it’s already February. But in an age of acceleration, social media is moving at an alarming pace. In order to have a successful social media campaign that connects potential customers with your brand, you have to keep up and make use of […]

Building a Web Presence for a New Company

July 15 2016

iPad company website
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Building a Web Presence for a Start-up Thinking about starting up your own technology company? Or maybe you’ve already decided to give it a go but need to know more about creating a web presence. This post is a rundown of the indispensable steps needed to build a successful website to make your company’s voice […]

Publicizing Events Online

July 4 2016

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Public Events Online Promotion So you’ve got a public or business event coming up, which you want to promote online. Pretty much every successful business publicises events using social media or their own website. But how do you do it, and how can you do it well? Here are some tips about how to best […]