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Cloudflare Winter Event 2019

The Wirebox team were recently invited to Cloudflare’s London Winter Event at their beautiful London offices, located next to Waterloo station in the Riverside Building County Hall.  A selection of the team made it to the event which was around the newest trends in the Internet industry and the latest Cloudflare solutions.

Cloudflare Building on the River Thames

The building has a lot of history and the office was a great space.

Cloudflare Seating Arrangement


There were three presentations on the day, two were from Cloudflare regarding their new products.  One of these new products is Access, a tool they originally built because VPN was not working. It allows access to domain or application through Cloudflare.  The advantage of this is that Cloudflare will monitor the access per-user. This will be something we will be testing at Wirebox to see if we can use it, as we need an alternative for VPN.

Sergi Isasi, the Product Manager at Cloudflare had an interesting demo on bot management. He demonstrated how easy it was to set up and monitor through the WAF.  One particular element that I thought was impressive, is that you are able to add a rule and see how it would have affected past data. This is very useful feature.

The third presentation was from David Trickey.  As a Cloudflare customer he presented why and when they started using Cloudflare for Confused.com.  It was primarily a Ddos tool as they had a few issues over the years and as time went on they started to use more and more features.  He demonstrated what they did and how different teams used the data, how New Relic monitored all the logs and how Cloudflare could break down the data to see a lot more information.

As we start to use Cloudflare we are using more of their products and getting a better understanding of what they can do for ourselves and most importantly for our clients and this event offered really useful insights into their products and services.

Event Attendees

Final Thoughts

The event was very good with an amazing selection of food and drinks so high five for Cloudflare on this.  To top it off they even threw in T-shirts with different sizes, they know development teams 😉 This was a really nice touch.

I think it’s important that companies like us make sure we are up to date with what our partners are doing and their latest products and updates.  It is our job to recommend new features to our clients and Cloudflare has been part of our stack for a while now. 

One feature not mentioned at the event was their Flan Scan security scanner which will be really interesting for our clients.  We look forward to testing this out over the next few weeks.

Thanks for a great event Cloudflare! Looking forward to next year.