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Considerations for Getting a Custom WordPress Theme

December 28 2017

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Getting a WordPress theme is a bit like getting a suit. You can buy one “off-the-rack”, that’s pre-made and it may not fit perfectly or be in exactly the colour you want, but if you’re willing to put up with those things then it will be less expensive and broadly functional. On the other hand, you get a tailor-made suit that is designed to your specifications, with colours and pockets and whatever other details you want, but in terms of cost the sky’s the limit, and there will be wide variety between sellers.

So it is with WordPress themes. You can buy a ready-made, ‘one size fits most’ theme of a decent price and quality, or you can buy a custom made theme for your business and yours alone, the quality of which you can expect to pay for. Of course, it’s ultimately up to you which option you go for, depending on your goals as well as your aesthetic taste. But there are some considerations you will want to make, which this article outlines.


The first thing you need to ask yourself is “Do I have enough money for a custom WordPress theme?” which costs £2000 to £5000 for design and development, but can be as much as £16000. If you don’t have that kind of budget, then you can’t buy a custom theme. If you do, then you can. But if you can, then you need to ask further questions to find out if you should.


Do you want a streamlined code that doesn’t contain any unnecessary features which will increase loading time of your site? A custom made theme won’t have a lot of features that are included to make it as widely accessible and useful as possible. With a custom theme, you decide what goes into it, based on exactly what kind of website you want.

Quality Code

You can also be fairly well assured of a good quality code when you use a reliable WordPress theme developer. Of course you’ll want to talk to several developers before making a final decision in order to know that they’re the right professional for you and your business. Some pre-made themes will be of a lower quality, or might have undiscovered bugs, though many more will have either adequate or quite good code as well.

Design Options

Ready made themes are limiting in terms of the design of your site. As the framework to your WordPress site, you are constrained by the range of themes available. With a custom made WordPress theme, you can tailor your theme to any design, your imagination is your only limit. If you want a particular design for your site, or you want to show off some artistic flair, then custom may be the way to go.


The other aspect of this consideration is if you want a theme that is unique, different from what anyone else has. This can help you to differentiate yourself from the competition and provide you with a USP.

Customer Support

When you buy a custom theme, designers will often provide you with quick and high-quality customer service as well as the theme itself. They will be happy to fix bugs that may have arisen, or answer any queries you may have about using or implementing the theme. They are happy to do this because it reflects well on them as service providers. Often ready-made themes may not come with that kind of support, although WordPress does have many amateur support groups who are willing to help improve features.