DMJ Recruitment is an experienced recruitment agency, providing bespoke recruitment solutions to the legal sector.

As DMJ became the preferred partner in legal recruitment, their relationships with larger organisations developed and they became the sole partner of choice for many legal companies.

In working with such companies it was recognised that there was a need for businesses to be able to filter and automate the process of finding potential candidates. Companies looking for legal graduates were inundated with CV’s, applications and phone calls.

The workflow was unmanageable and there was even a risk of candidates been missed. The demand for talented legal graduates in combination with the requirement for graduates to find the most suitable employment demanded a new approach. DMJ approached Wirebox in 2013 with a brief to discuss the possibility of creating an online recruitment platform.




  • DMJ’s clients required an automated process which would filter the non relevant applicants from the relevant. This would allow applicants to follow the same procedure, remove the element of human error and provide a reduced list of potential applicants.
  • A structured list of pre determined fields were required to be inputted to allow for filtering and matching.
  • Account access, multiple level access and super level administrative access. To allow users to review matches, update and respond to enquiries whilst managed by DMJ.
  • Registration process for graduates to be simple and quick.
  • Proceed Recruitment homepage
  • Proceed Recruitment candidates directory
  • Proceed Recruitment hirer dashboard
  • Proceed Recruitment profile user guide - video


In November 2013, Proceed UK was launched:

“Proceed is a specialist online database that places companies directly in touch with students and graduates. Proceed supports the company secretarial, legal, governance, compliance and risk professions”

Proceed iPad landscape