The Haverstock Hotel, located in Hampstead, North London is a boutique hotel providing comfortable accommodation and easy access to all that London has to offer. Part of the MagicStay group of Hotels, The Haverstock Hotel is the latest addition to the groups 11 hotels which are all situated in and around Central London.


MagicStay transact a high % of their on line business through portals which charge a commission of up to 25% of their booking rate. The commission that the group were paying annually was increasing as the booking portals were recognising that the Magicstay brand was increasing and the demand for MagicStay accommodation was growing through both repeat business and word of mouth.



Wirebox were instructed to create an online presence, a brand for Haverstock Hotel and also devise a strategy to capture more bookings directly through the Haverstock Hotel’s website, for which commission and charges would not have to be paid.

The research and analysis in the sector demonstrated that there were clear methods in which Wirebox could provide a return on investment for the group overall. These were:

  • To gain incremental business direct to the website, the hotel is based in Hampstead, near Camden and can be described as a “Boutique hotel” – within the London sector this is strategic as the rates for boutique hotels can be costly.
  • For the business to transact, make it easy for users to book directly on the Haverstock Hotel website, with ease of booking and confidence.
  • It was recognised that there was a growing number of people searching for the brand name, for example “Haverstock Hotel” or “Haverstock Hotel London”, for which these bookings were being made indirectly, or through one of the portals.
  • To capture and increase visitors, utilising their existing wireless solution through the hotel to capture marketing leads.

A strategy was created to achieve the objectives. To drive targeted, relevant traffic to the website which would then convert into on line bookings direct on the Haverstock Hotel website.

A professional website was designed to assist with brand and confidence, utilising a booking engine for ease of booking The website was optimised to gain organic traffic or for people that did not necessarily know the business; such as “Boutique Hotel Hampstead” The website was optimised to capture “brand traffic”. People searching who know the business, but are currently booking through portals as opposed to direct, terms such as “Haverstock Hotel”, “Haverstock Hotel London” or “Haverstock Hill Hotel”.

Whilst the initial objectives were met and cost of bookings decreased, it was recognised that the portal websites were “buying” traffic for the website through Pay Per Click (PPC). A Google PPC campaign was created with conversion tracking, initially to recapture the direct bookings. In capturing the brand terms through PPC and utilising the cost per conversion tracking, Wirebox managed to generate bookings at less than £15 each.


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Haverstock Hotel is now transacting more direct bookings as a % through their own website than any other hotel within the chain.

Direct bookings are achieved with a mixture of organic and paid for bookings, however the overall cost saving is in excess of £25k per annum.

The WIFI within the hotel allows internet access for guests; it captures user details for future marketing and promotion whilst increasing the authority of the website and volume of traffic.

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