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Educational Resources for Software Programmers

February 5 2016

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Are you interested in coding and want to know more, but aren’t really sure where to start? There is a preponderance of resources online for increasing your understanding, but which are the most accessible and informative? We work a lot with the Laravel Framework, a PHP language aimed at creative web designers. There are many programmers in the PHP community who are more than willing to share their expertise to anyone interested, in the hopes of promoting the general interest of coding to the masses. Here is an, admittedly subjective, list of the best educational links that we at Wirebox have come across.

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials have the benefit of taking the viewer through a process of coding, making it easier to learn tasks which cannot easily be described through writing or diagrams. It’s the next best thing to having an actual programming tutor, so here are two video tutorials we’ve found particularly helpful.


This is a site full of invaluable videos teaching basic and advanced PHP development within the Laravel Framework. These videos take you through the process step by step, last between 10 and 20 minutes and make complex topics simple and accessible by coders with any level of ability. The video series, created by Jeffrey Way, can help you to learn programming even if you are not using Laravel directly.

Clean Coders

This site focuses on architecture as well as Agile methodology (Software development through self-organising, cross-functional teams) and SOLID principles (object oriented programming design). Courses from Java Case to Building an App show you how to undertake these tasks in a simple and effective way, so as to let your creativity find its most advanced expression. These lessons blend software development with physics lessons for a more in-depth understanding.


Podcasts have a less formal tone, providing entertaining and conversational lessons on topics, with the possibility of guests in the field of software design and interactive Q and A sessions.

Laravel Podcast

This podcast, just like the Laracasts, is dedicated to the understanding of Laravel ideas, such as IOC containers, but obviously wider concepts in software design are approached. A regular guest to the show is the creator of Laravel, Taylor Otwell.

PHP Town Hall

The latest news and events in PHP are discussed in this regular podcast, in particular Requests For Comments (RFCs) from the PHP community. This podcast is entertaining and a great resource for learning about the tools and people involved in PHP.

Loosely Coupled

This podcast is more specialist, with every episode featuring a single topic, normally having to do with a development tool or some aspect of the software development profession. The topics discussed are non-language specific, and are covered
comprehensively but in an absorbing way.

Other Podcasts to Investigate

There are many more podcasts for developers to explore. The best place to start is PHP Podcasts, to which we would add No Capes, PHP Roundtable and Dev Hell. So have a listen and get ready to learn!