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Harvest: The Time Management App

November 27 2017

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About Harvest

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Wirebox uses Harvest to manage its time schedule. The app allows you to organise work schedules, payments and team management all in one place, as well as integrate platforms and business functions.


The main feature of Harvest is the online timesheet, which our staff log into and use online to record the time they spend on activities and projects. It shows clearly in numbers how much time is spent on a project. This information can be used to determine how far along on a project the team is, how long it will take. We can use this data to plan for future projects, giving us an estimate of how long similar activities will take. The time taken for projects can be displayed in the form of an easy to understand line graph or chart.

Team Management

Organising staff is made easier and more efficient using Harvest. We can see who is working on what at any given time. This can help to ensure that staff aren’t working too little or too much. If someone is working more hours than their capacity, this will clearly show up in the employee time-tracker, which can facilitate the readjustment of their workload to improve both efficiency and work satisfaction. There are also functions to approve and edit timesheets, as well as set automatic reminders for deadlines and milestones.


As well as keeping track of time, Harvest allows you to set which actions are billable and non-billable, as well as keeping track of costs and alerting you when you go over your budget. You can also use this information to generate invoices, as well as take snapshots of receipts using a mobile device and store them in Harvest.


The platform can be fully integrated with many popular project management and development apps such as Trello, Slack and DoneDone. It is also iPhone and Android compatible, allowing Harvest to be used on the go, at any time and place. And if we ever have any queries or problems, you can call or even tweet at the Harvest team to get quick and helpful support from a human being.

Benefits of Harvest

All of these features and functions provide our company with tangible benefits. It saves us money and improves our profit margin, as well as facilitating time-efficiency and a more productive allocation of tasks. Harvest is very easy to use, and someone can set up an account in just a few clicks. It also provides clear benefits for our clients, as they can see the time we’re putting in, and what our budget is spent on

To see how Harvest could benefit your business, try it for free for a month, compliments of Wirebox.