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How Apps can help in business and leisure

July 11 2016

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The mobile app revolution has changed the nature of the interface between users and technology. But in terms of its potential for businesses and marketers, the surface has barely been scratched. This despite the investment that has gone into the security and creation of mobile apps. The use of apps is widespread in industries like couriers and the media, but they are useful to all businesses in marketing to their users and delivering services efficiently. Here are some recent examples of apps being used by businesses to connect with their users.

KLM Airways

Apps can be used for developing and extending brand awareness. In other words apps can disseminate information about your company, changes it might be going through or new goods and services. KLM Airlines is the flag carrier airline for the Netherlands, which recently developed new routes from the UK to Canada, offering flights to Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver. The company had an app designed for the campaign to make people aware of the new routes. The app is a bespoke microsite with animation and interactive features including information about destinations and places of interest to visit in Canada. The animation is a road trip through Canada, and is also an advertisement for a competition for a paid trip to Canada with $1000 spending money. The competition is part of the campaign and helps to spread the word about the new flights that are available.

The microsite helps to bolster the campaign because it freely provides information and entertainment to users, while also making them aware of the competition which they can promote on social media and tell their friends about. This will help to create an online buzz and help the campaign reach people who don’t necessarily know about or use KLM.

Citroen and Arsenal

The car company Citroen and the Arsenal Football Club partnered in 2014 following on from their successful association in 2008. To alert fans about the partnership, they had an app designed which allows users to predict the results of football matches. The people that were accurate in their predictions had the opportunity to win prizes, such as the Citroen C4 Cactus. The app was designed in order to get people interested in the football season and remind them that Citroen and Arsenal had partnered, but unexpectedly the app and accompanying microsite went viral, with thousands of people signing up and playing, as well as comparing predictions online, live-posting about the scores of their favourite matches and making more and more people aware of the app.

This campaign proved highly beneficial for Citroen and Arsenal, as it served to advertise both Citroen cars and the matches that Arsenal played, as well as Arsenal FC membership. The app was consolidated with other social media campaigns, such as the Arsenal team’s test drive of the Citroen C4 Cactus. A stunt where team members were shown how to park properly by a racing professional with the hashtag #parkinghero proved hugely popular.

Businesses can use apps for both user engagement and to improve business activities and services. For example, many businesses use apps to organise and run graduate assessment events, using a mobile device to store and access the relevant graduate information efficiently and securely. Apps can also be used to display your range of goods and services, which can be interactive and more effective than paper brochures. The number of possibilities for apps to streamline business activities is endless and companies are innovating more and more in this area all the time. The Wirebox team has a lot of experience in designing and implementing apps for companies; if you have an app you want developed, contact us to learn more.