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Hubspot Integration

December 22 2017

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Hubspot is a software solution for inbound marketing, which draws customers to a product through content, social media and SEO. It blends customer relationship management to analyse customer interactions and data, and marketing automation for emails, social media and website actions. The software can be integrated with other digital business systems including other CRMs, ERP’s, service, sales and marketing systems.

Hubspot has in effect a content management system built in, but you are obviously not tied into using it. If your business currently manages a 3rd party system we can simply integrate the Hubspot data into your existing system, so both data sets are kept up to date without duplication of effort.

There are multiple benefits to integrating Hubspot with your system. One is that your overall service for your customers and your overseeing of business functions will be more effective.

Hubspot is a lead generation tool, acquiring leads from people reacting to your content online. Many of these leads may be additional clients or leads already being nurtured by your business. Ensuring that this information is kept up to date in real time is a key asset to the business – it also ensures that your clients are not spammed with information they do not require.