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61% of security breaches hit smaller to medium sized businesses

It is a misconception that security breaches only happen to big, corporate organisations. The truth is that malware does not differentiate no matter what the size of your company. The latest European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA) Threat Landscape report (1) found that 61% of breaches affected organisations with fewer than 1,000 employees.

Reports of data breaches are on the increase

The report (1) found that there has been a 25% increase over the past year.  This is a concern for many small to medium sized (SME) business owners. They now know that the risk of a small business data breach is becoming more likely.  Having the right precautions and monitoring in place has never been more important.

The report(1) identified that there are three specific attack methods that an organisation needs to be aware of:

1. Phishing

This is where attackers impersonate a legitimate organisation in the form of a communication (eg email, text, SMS).  They usually contain a link or attachment.  The impersonator uses this to steal personal data or infect the recipient’s computer and personal data.

2. Insider threats and privilege misuse

Where sensitive information is exposed and classed as a data breach by the unauthorised use of the organisations resources. It is important to note that the report highlights the threat of physical data (for example printed documents and copies) being lost or stolen as a data breach.

3. SQL injection

Attackers insert malicious code into web applications that then allows them to alter, tamper and even destroy passwords, data and transactions.

It is important that you are able to identify these types of attack methods when they are happening to you. Especially with the increase in security breaches across SME’s.  This is why Wirebox have designed a unique service. It not only gives you internet security, but monitors your website’s health and user experience.

You will benefit from a service that;

    • Constantly scans and mitigates possible attacks against malware such as ransomware, virus, adware, spyware and trojan.
    • Responds immediately to any compromise. We can fix the problem asap.
    • Includes antivirus software.
    • Protects your investment. Your website content and traffic is important to you. We make sure it stays safe from harm.
    • Gives you access to services that monitor your website’s health.  We will show you how your website is performing on Google against your competitors.  And how to boost your SEO optimisation.
    • Identifies how your users experience your website and uncovers insights. Using heat-maps, consumer feedback from web recordings, conversion funnels, and surveys to help you to improve your website.

So why not take away the worry now and protect and improve your website!

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