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Is Facebook Uncool

April 17 2015

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Are Teens Losing Interest in Facebook?

In 2013 and 2014, numerous online news articles claimed that Facebook was losing popularity among teens. These claims were based on studies that suggested that millions of teens were leaving Facebook, and moving to social media sites like Instagram and Twitter. In a Pew survey, it was suggested that teens had a ‘waning enthusiasm’ for facebook, compared to their opinion of other sites they were on. They had this opinion for a number of reasons: because their parents were on Facebook but not on instagram, because there was perceived to be more ‘drama’ on Facebook and because of worries about the safety and privacy of the site.

However, while Facebook might not be as fashionable amongst teens as it was when it was first launched, this doesn’t mean that teens are leaving forever or deleting their Facebook accounts. In fact, a recent Pew study has found that 71% of teens have a Facebook account and more teens use Facebook regularly than any other site. The numbers don’t lie. More teens are using multiple social media platforms than before: Twitter for short messages about what their thinking, Instagram for pictures, Facebook for a mixture of the two.


For businesses using social media for marketing and advertising, it’s important not to ignore Facebook, which is still a stalwart social media site for all age demographics. So here are a few tips for creating a successful facebook marketing campaign.

Tips for a Facebook Marketing Campaign

1)Narrow your target audience

You can narrow your target audience by targeting followers of specific brands. Targeting followers of brands similar to yours will help you to find people interested in what you have to offer. You can also tailor your campaign to followers of different brands to make them more personal and engaging.

2)Choose eye catching images

The images, photos and graphics that you post will form people’s first impression of your brand. Make sure your cover photo looks professional, and that the images hook your audience in. People should be able to know what your company is about just by looking at the image. You can also have ‘cover art contests’, contests where you ask your followers for creative and interesting cover art that is relevant to your brand.

3)Post videos

Videos are the highest medium of engagement on Facebook, they are the things most likely for people to click on your Facebook page. You can post advertisements, informative or instructional videos.

4)Post sharable content

This can include articles about current events that are related to your company, or opinion pieces. You can also post contests and competitions, or promote links to content from your other platforms.


You can use Facebook to collaborate with complementary industries. If you do this right, it’ll give people something to talk about, and the campaign will advertise itself.

6)Test different versions of your campaign

It’s important to test what does work and what doesn’t. Use different images and ideas and see what’s popular, what content people want. You can run multiple advertising campaigns to do this effectively if you have extra funds.

7)Be relatable

Don’t just push promotion to the detriment of listening to your audience. Relate to them by asking for and answering feedback. Building a relationship with your followers will ensure that they come back to you.

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