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Magento Development

On line sales have continually increased year on year since the Internet was founded. Reports suggest this trend will continue to do so as technology and confidence improves for on line trading. Mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones are driving an increase in sales, greater connectivity to the Internet and consumer confidence are all factors which are helping to increase the sales through the Internet.

There are many e-Commerce solutions available to businesses, all of which have different features and benefits to allow you to sell on line and promote your products and services in what can be a very competitive area.

If you are looking at selling products, services or subscriptions on-line you need to consider Magento as you’re businesses retail platform.



The Magento platform is rich in features to allow your business to showcase your products as you would like to display them. Features that can be developed include:

Marketing Promotions

Allowing discount codes and flexible account pricing allows you to set a standard pricing and flexible pricing to specific clients, or timeframes.

Management Reporting

The back end of a Magento site provides full reporting for business owners. This includes a simple to use dashboard and reporting on sales and clients.

Site Management

The Magento platform allows site owners access through a Content Management System (CMS) which controls pricing, integration into different platforms, A/B testing and the ability to control and manage multiple sites, from one system.

Catalogue Management

Managing your products is key to ensuring your on line shop is up to date. Magento allows importing from a variety of different systems, so if you have thousands of products, the import can save hours of manual upload.

Mobile Commerce

mCommerce is increasing at a quicker rate than desktop purchasing. If you are looking to sell on line it is key to ensure your site works on mobile devices. Wirebox can build “responsive” Magento websites that are optimised for the iPhone.


An important feature to sell on line is to make the process as easy as possible. Magento has a “one page” checkout system, allow guests to purchase without registering and even the ability to have multiple addresses on one order.

In addition to the “off the shelf” customisable Magento features, the platform allows development to meet requirements. Whatever functionality you require, Wirebox have the solution.

Wirebox are skilled in Magento Development. Our services include consultancy, strategy and development through to on going promotion and marketing.

Example of Magento Development: