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Simply put, Mobile traffic can be defined as people using Smartphone’s and Tablet devices to access the Internet.

People using mobile as a platform is not a fad, the numbers are huge and they are increasing. Mobile web adoption is currently growing eight times faster than web adoption did in the 1990’s and early 2000’s. Statistics shows that Mobile traffic increased from 22% to 37% of overall traffic in 2013. If you want your business to be seen on line, not having a mobile presence is like closing your shop for three days a week.

Your business needs to be ready for mobile, be optimised for people using mobile devices and provide them with the same user experience as if they are at home on the desktop.

Optimising a business website for mobile devices can be achieved in a number of different ways, understanding the key business objectives will allow us to determine the best route for your business to capture the growing mobile traffic. Many businesses do not physically sell products on the Internet but aim to capture traffic for potential new enquiries; other websites provide information on services or the products they offer. These types of businesses may not necessarily require a Mobile Application, but will require an optimised, mobile friendly version of their website.

For these types of business we often recommend a responsive website.

If budget is not a concern for your business, we would recommend you look at creating a mobile friendly, responsive website in addition to a Mobile App.. There are traffic sources and therefore benefits for having both, both will bring incremental traffic and visitors to your business. A mobile website can attract visitors from “search” where as an application is a device built for a unique experience and is exclusive to the operating system it lives within.

If deciding to build an application for mobile devices, there needs to be thought as to what the app will do for your business. One of the main advantages of an App is that it can utilise the features of the mobile device into the App – it can be personalised with the data it receives so that the user enjoys information more relevant to their needs, where they are in the World or what products they may be interested in.

Mobile applications vary in costs depending on the complexity of the functionality required to run your app, but for the app to be successful there is a requirement for the app to have a purpose. There needs to be a reason for people to download the app and continue to use it. Once this is achieved and your user base continues to grow, it can be monetized through commercial opportunities. Whilst advertising can become tedious and annoying, “premium” app users can pay subscriptions to remove the adverts. Over 70% of all revenues to successful applications are generated through “in app” purchases – the majority of these purchases are of little value so it is key to have high user volume to make this profitable.

Apps can make these purchases very easy; the need to enter payment details for each transaction is removed. A sale can be generated at the click on a button.

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