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Odoo, formerly known as Open ERP, launched their 9th version of their hugely successful Open Source ERP platform on 1st October, 2015. Over two million users utilise Odoo around the globe assisting them and their business to manage sales. For businesses using the Odoo platform, nothing changes, the existing system does not change…but what about business who are only now noticing the huge benefits of Open Source solutions and what Odoo has to offer?

Odoo is becoming more commercial and with being more commercial, they have recognised that there needs to be more of an incentive to users to become Enterprise paying clients.

The main difference that was offered in previous versions of Odoo was support and migration was only provided to Enterprise clients. As an incentive, with more and more technical support available outside of Odoo – this was not seen as a huge benefit.

What is different to Odoo 9 to previous Odoo versions is that there are functional benefits in becoming an Enterprise client of Odoo, which you do not necessarily gain from the Community version. With the commercial approach to the software, we can now see that Odoo are providing additional functionality and services from the Enterprise version of Odoo 9.

The core structure, database and applications within both the Community and Enterprise versions are identical – all of the database and backend applications are within the Community version. We do not foresee this to change in the near future, creating two different applications would not be commercially viable.

Where there is no Difference in Odoo 9 Community and Odoo 9 Enterprise

The core structure as we mentioned, is identical. This means for developers it is exactly the same code base and modular architecture. For scaling there is the same load balancing and the hardware required to run either system is identical. In addition, the Apps developed for the platform within the Community and available to download from the store are identical.

Why move to Odoo v9 Enterprise?

If you are considering Odoo as a platform, it may be worth considering the Enterprise version. As Odoo becomes more commercial, the decision on using the different platforms is becoming….more of a commercial decision.

From reviewing both the Odoo platforms, straight away you will see that the Enterprise version comes with a well designed user interface. As an “out of the box” solution you will be greeted with some nice UI and you may also find the navigation quicker and easier because of this.

Also as an Enterprise client, you will have support and upgrades included, but in addition you have access to the Enterprise Apps.

Odoo 9 Apps on the Odoo App store

Within the latest launch there are more apps available to use for businesses. Within the Odoo App store you can view apps by Price – which is simply “Free” or Paid”. Reviewing these apps and what is available on both versions of Odoo is how you can view what is commercially the best decision for your business.

There are modules available for Accounting, Document Management, eCommerce, Human Resources, Manufacturing and Marketing to name a few. New applications and modules are being built on a regular basis and to search and locate these Apps is now even easier — the Odoo App store itself is easy to navigate and you can filter by the different categories.

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