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June 24 2016

Pennies - The electronic charity box
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Pennies: The Digital Charity Box

Pennies is a charity which uses technology to enable customers to make small donations to charities chosen by the retailer, through card readers, online shopping or app checkout. Through using online software and digital technology, charities can collect micro-donations of a few pennies from a large number of people, potentially over the whole world. It’s a completely modern technological solution to the problem of allocation of funds to charities in a way which is non-invasive, fast and broad.

Pennies is, in a sense, a charity which helps other charities. Retailers are enjoined to become users of the service, with the benefits of being able to choose the charities they give to, demonstrate that they are socially responsible to their customers, and become part of the Pennies business community. Using Pennies is incredibly easy, requiring no employee training or even involvement. Through the medium of present retail technology, customers directly decide, ‘yes’ or ‘no’, whether to donate on top of the cost of their bill. There is no cost to the retailer, they simply need to register, choose a charity or charities and start the process. Many businesses, including Travelodge, The Trussell Trust and Papa John’s Pizza have already joined in the Pennies project.

The technology Pennies uses is an Application Programming Interface (API), which allows customers to donate through a payment gateway, an application which authorizes card payments. Customers can do this online, in-store or via a smartphone. Any way that you can make a digital payment will, if the retailer you’re using is a Pennies user, allow you to donate. This doesn’t add any time to your payment, it just gives customers the choice to donate to a charity.

The function of Pennies, then, is twofold. First, to connect up retailers and charities, by registering them. Second, to facilitate the fundraising of charities by giving customers the option to donate at the point of sale. Wirebox supports and manages the Pennies transactions using Magento, which allows
multiple-channel e-commerce and the integration of digital payments with Pennies functionality.

The Wirebox team has used software expertise and thorough research and development to ensure that Pennies software functions efficiently and is easy and simple to use. We are happy with the results of the software which we have managed and which is essential to Pennies.