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How to Use Keywords

A vital SEO technique is the use of keywords to bring people who search for those terms to your website. This allows people interested in what your website promotes to find your website, as well as increase your website’s prominence in search engine results. In order to use keywords successfully, you need to find out what keywords people interested in your site search for, implement them and then check out the effect they have on the traffic to your website, as well as whether using these keywords helps to generate leads or sales.

Keyword Research

To determine which keywords you should use in the body of your website, you should consider what your website is offering, what the pull is for people. So, if you sell artworks online, then presumably “art” would be a word people would use to search for your site. But the search for “art” would also bring up a lot more websites. So what sets you apart from other sites? Perhaps you’re the only online art company that is based in Sheffield. So if people type in “art” and “Sheffield”, they’ll probably be looking for you.

Once you have a list of keywords that are specific to your site, search for them through the most popular search engines. Don’t just use Google, you can also use Bing or Dogpile. If there are a lot of ads surrounding the keyword search, then it’s probably a high value keyword and will be more difficult to use to promote your site. The key is finding a niche and then using it to make your website stand out from the crowd.

Now, buy a sample ad campaign for the word at Google AdWords or Bing Adcenter. How much does your traffic increase? Grade the keywords based on the increase in traffic that it generates or any other metric you want to use. There are numerous online software solutions to determine what the value of your keyword is. Analytic tools like Google Trends can make the task a lot easier and faster.

Implementing the Keywords

Once you’ve decided which keywords you’re going to use, you need to work them into your website. This should be natural, don’t just try to crowbar some phrases like “painting of a horse in Sheffield”, as this will be distracting to your website’s visitors and they will go elsewhere. Try to make the inclusion of keywords natural. Also, connect the keyword to the webpage that you think people will want to get to through that search. Try different keywords in different places to see what works best, and keep up to date with the usefulness of your keywords as they may become more or less effective depending on changes to either your business or customer base.