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We offer a range of services across five key areas. We don't just design and build sites: we manage them and keep them up-to-date, providing them with fresh, quality content. We even manage intranet sites.

Database Development

Database Development is a very broad term and encompasses many different services and technologies; from developing a totally bespoke package, built around your requirements to adapting a software product that just doesn’t do that specific requirement that would streamline your business.

This is where Wirebox excel and can assist in your requirements. We pride ourselves on becoming “Digital Problem Solvers” working with many different technologies and languages of software to provide the most cost effective business solution to our clients.

Any business that provides database development as a service firstly needs to understand many points before being able to provide an accurate proposal to assist the client. Understanding client’s business objectives is key, but this alone cannot lead to a successful deployment as additional areas may be overseen.

At Wirebox, we provide Development Development Consultancy from a business perspective, understanding how the business operates, the obstacles in the daily routines and also how the business operates “off line”. Our clients, who we treasure and work in partnership operate successful businesses and believe they have processes which ensure they are both cost and time efficient, however if they do not know which technology is available, they truly do not know their technology is operating as it could be. We assist in bridging the technology and business requirements to offer a total solution to assist in improving business efficiencies through software development.

Understanding these points goes a long way to allow us to propose a solution; however it does not provide all the facts. The existing software infrastructure can provide valuable insight in which technology can help a business; this is a major factor as the wrong platform can have disastrous effects.

Database Development – Our Process

We have vast experience in database development and business consultancy and have fine tuned our process to ensure a project runs successfully, developing processes and procedures. In working to our internal procedures it provides greater efficiency from our delivery team, which results in not only better results for our clients, but also reduced costs due to the due diligence we follow. A typical process we follow:

  • Understand the business objectives & how the business operates
  • Interrogate the business process and requirements
  • Complete a workshop with client for sign off and provide a defined list of deliverables
  • Proposal based on recommendations
  • Development broken down in stages
  • Testing

In addition to the process, our expertise and knowledge of the different types of software allows us to provide more comprehensive solutions broken down with different options and proposals.

Factors that we take into account include:

  • System development life cycle
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for the business, this can include maintenance, hosting and 3rd party costs
  • Incremental modules and deliverable sections to manage the project in stages
  • Managing projects utilising the KISS principle and developing out – “Keep it simple”
  • Accountability – each project has a project manager and responsibility

Each project we manage provides us with greater experience. Upon completion of projects we meet with our clients on deployment, often hand holding them to ensure they gain the greatest benefits available to them. We review and analyse past products and experiences, as a process we find this invaluable and has assisted in developing as a service provider to where we are today.

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Enterprise Resource Planning

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Magento Development

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Odoo Development and Consultancy

Odoo (formerly Open ERP) is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution which allows businesses of all sizes to integrate their different facets of operation. From client management, stock ordering, and product planning through to sales and reporting – Odoo manages all aspects in one system through a modular approach.<!–more–>

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