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We offer a range of services across five key areas. We don't just design and build sites: we manage them and keep them up-to-date, providing them with fresh, quality content. We even manage intranet sites.

Mobile Development

Mobile Development incorporates many different platforms, skill sets, technology and options to ensure your business is both mobile and marketing to the correct audience.

In the world of Digital, mobile is associated with smart phones and tablets, generally devices which, strangely enough are mobile – excluding laptops! The issue with mobile devices is generally the screen size differs and can be a lot smaller than what you would view on our desktop or PC.

Mobile Development is a term that can be used for different requirements but from a Digital perspective, it generally falls into one of these disciplines:

  • Application Development
  • Responsive Website

Mobile Application Development

With the increase in mobile smart phone devices businesses have looked at new ways to gain exposure – what better way to achieve this through promoting their brand, product or services on App’s for smart phones. An application is a great way to engage with your target audience and to provide a service which can then be used to keep in contact with prospective clients.

Mobile Applications for business

An App is the perfect way for businesses to present their information, sales reps can use a tablet or mobile device to run through a catalogue of products and services whilst off line. The information can be stored within the app and it can be linked into an email client to distribute information when on line. Wirebox have completed such devices for many corporate clients looking to improve efficiencies in sales and marketing whilst also reducing costs.

Apps have also seen huge success in the B2c environment, examples of successful Apps include:

Candy Crush

A game that users download and return to – a great way to pass the time but it can be very addictive which is why it is so successful. Apps that are this successful can increase brand awareness and once they have a healthy user base it can be monetized through advertising and “in app purchases” to increase game time or credits.


An app created to provide a taxi service in the main cities across the World. Hugely successful as it is so easy to use and the service behind it is so efficient. You can book a taxi through the app and view that will be collecting you and exactly where they are, utilising the Google Map technology.


An online dating application which combines a service with a fun way to pass the day – or so we are told! A simple app which present users with an image of other users that match their profile and also geographic settings. The app also provides a communication tool when people are matched within the app. User numbers have increased hugely and the app are now looking to monetise this with additional functionality and services.

MeWe Music

An App developed by Wirebox, it allows users to discover new music and trends in their local areas. It is free to download and browse, search for new music by genre and also geographical area utilising map technology. Music lovers can now search for artists that are new and upcoming and view what their friends or their favourite celebrities are enjoying. The music is fed into the App by artists who manage and update their profile and music with a professional management tool.

Responsive Websites

Most businesses have an online presence of some form but they could be losing opportunities if their website can not be viewed through a mobile device. Making a website responsive allows users to view the site in an optimised form on different devices. The website can display all of the information it currently provides, however a responsive site presents the information in an optimised way, which fits the screen size of the device being used.

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Mobile Application (App) Development

Simply put, Mobile traffic can be defined as people using Smartphone’s and Tablet devices to access the Internet. People using mobile as a platform is not a fad, the numbers are huge and they are increasing. Mobile web adoption is currently growing eight times faster than web adoption did in the 1990’s and early 2000’s. […]

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Web Applications

A web application is an application that is hosted in a web browser. A web browser is ubiquitous, allowing a web application to be developed and used on different systems. This negates the need to distribute updates to the web application on many different systems, allowing users the ability to maintain software centrally.

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