What We Do

We offer a range of services across five key areas. We don't just design and build sites: we manage them and keep them up-to-date, providing them with fresh, quality content. We even manage intranet sites.

Web Development

The internet has changed immensely since its inception – new technologies and new devices have made the Internet a web of intrigue and promise. Whatever type of business or service you offer; we can pretty much guarantee your clients are on line and potentially looking for a service you offer.

Internet speeds and connectivity has also improved at a fast rate, this has allowed business to reduce costs of running their own servers and infrastructure and utilise cloud based services to manage business critical technology. This has only been possible with internet security improving.

Ecommerce Solutions

Users or consumers and business decision makers are now more comfortable to purchase and trade on line, a question you should ask yourself is can you sell your product on line? Are you competitors selling online?

If the answer is yes to this a business should look at utilising the ecommerce platforms available to them. This could mean updating products and services to sites which have an increasing amount of traffic and sales, such as Amazon, but also look at your own website and selling directly – the cost of sale is greatly reduced providing greater margins for the business.

Content Management Systems

On line content management systems (CMS) are a cost efficient solution for managing your business and internet presence on the Internet. A CMS system can be developed to provide you with access to manage and change your content on line, be it text, video or corporate brochures and information.

Web Development and Design

As mentioned, most businesses are now displaying at least their contact information in some form on the Internet. This could be the first impression a client will gain of your company and potentially could be turned off and look elsewhere. Web development and design services from a professional organisation can not only increase enquiries and conversion, it can generate leads, attract new clients and build your marketing contact database.

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Website Support and Maintenance

Our support and maintenance solutions can assist with updating content, hosting solutions and backing up the data through our different hosting solutions.

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Sitecore Development

Sitecore is a customer experience management company that creates automated marketing software. Used to create commercial sites which influence repeat viewers to undertake particular actions based on their previous interaction with the site, Sitecore includes all the features a developer needs to marry UX with inbound marketing to increase both return site users and return […]

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Content Management Systems

Content Management Systems (CMS) enable non technical users to manage website content. These systems vary from basic editing of pages to handling thousands of pages and documents across organisations.

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We offer an easy to manage e-commerce solution that offers our clients everything they need to sell and distribute products online. Our custom software is easily adapted and integrated into an existing website. However it can also be used as a stand alone platform.

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Magento Development

On line sales have continually increased year on year since the Internet was founded. Reports suggest this trend will continue to do so as technology and confidence improves for on line trading. Mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones are driving an increase in sales, greater connectivity to the Internet and consumer confidence are […]

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Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of your respective website or web page within search engines. The process of SEO has changed dramatically over the years with the addition of different content now such as videos, images, social media updates, news, maps the list goes on. At Wirebox we have […]

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Web Development & Design

Since our inception in 2005, web design and development has been at the core of our digital agency. Our expertise has grown thanks to working on a variety of technological domains.

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WordPress Development

WordPress is an Open Source software solution which allows users to create their own on line presence. As an Open Source platform, the solution has been developed by hundreds of community volunteers and there are thousands of plug ins available to adapt the system. The community of WordPress is so well developed; there are help […]

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