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What is Sitecore?

Sitecore is a customer experience management company that creates automated marketing software. Used to create commercial sites which influence repeat viewers to undertake particular actions based on their previous interaction with the site, Sitecore includes all the features a developer needs to marry UX with inbound marketing to increase both return site users and return on investment.

The technology at the centre of Sitecore is ‘contextual intelligence’, the feature of storing and using up-to-the-second information about click-through, page opening and buying behaviour from your site’s visitors. This information is analysed by the platform and automatically delivers action-precipitating cues in the form of tailored promotional includes. It also analyses the value of customer experiences, using the results of the promotional marketing to determine how successful it was.

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To become a Sitecore Professional Developer

One of the exceptional aspects of Sitecore is that for a developer you have to take an exam in order to become recognised as an official Sitecore Developer for their CMS software. This benefits all parties because as a website developer you gain vital proficiency and experience in using the platform, while Sitecore’s company ensures that the websites their platforms are used for will be created by certified professionals. The software license is aimed at large companies who will use it to create high-quality commercial websites and whilst it’s a commercial product, it comes at a cost to license the software.
The examination itself is supposed to be 2 hours long but if you’re quick it can be completed in an hour. It contains 70 multiple choice questions, with no notes allowed. These questions are not particularly hard if you know the answers, but comprehensively cover all of the aspects of the Sitecore platform, including API, marketing, publishing and management.

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Maintaining your Sitecore Web Presence

Sitecore’s platform requires a moderate understanding of development to use. Even site managers have to be versed in how to use the system to some extent, and there are resources for managers on the Sitecore website. It really is a solution for companies that are not just interested in but enthused by automated marketing, who need quick and effective marketing solutions to their commercial website, which will be used by a lot of people and requires effective marketing to target and retain individual customers.
Some may question whether the Sitecore software is needed, when the cost of access to the platform in terms of price and the requirement for certification is high, when you consider that Google Analytics can be used alongside WordPress to achieve similar marketing results. But the advantage of Sitecore is that it provides a comprehensive suite of inbound marketing solutions for your website. The platform decouples content from presentation, meaning that you can write copy once and disseminate it through multiple channels and sites, and it is automatically tailored to the device and medium. It also delivers personalised marketing on the website generated by analysing pages visitors have visited in the past and suggesting links or courses of action which are pertinent to them, based on their behaviour and assumed preferences.
Sitecore is a .Net platform which allows the product to integrate easily with Microsoft products such as Dynamics, allowing businesses to marry up their off line presence and their online presence into one platform.

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Ready to use Sitecore?

In conclusion, Sitecore is a great platform to use for businesses with some talented developers to spare, who need top-of-the-range automated marketing software to deliver the solutions they need to make the most of user experience.  In working with such developers who are certified in using Sitecore you can be confident of providing your online visitors with a truly unique experience.  Or you can work with an agency such as Wirebox to deliver this for you.