Website Support and Maintenance Agreements

We are a full service London based Website Support & Maintenance agency

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If you are a business operating with an online presence, your time will be best served managing and promoting your own business.

If your online presence is ever in need of updating, changes or security updates, a support and maintenance agreement through Wirebox can manage this for you.

Our support and maintenance solutions can assist with updating content, hosting solutions and backing up the data through our different hosting solutions. We monitor our clients websites and are often alerted to issues through our monitoring software allowing us to correct them, in many instances before you are even made aware of the issue.

Part of our solution enables us to review all webpages, health checks and even optimisation to provide you with the best opportunity to gain additional incremental traffic. We monitor and review new pages to the site, optimising them for keywords which will be relevant to your business.

We can support and maintain a wide variety of platforms online, including basic HTML sites to Open Source solutions, e-commerce solutions and bespoke platforms. Our range of expertise includes:

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Wirebox are experts in managing and developing WordPress sites, our own site is developed using this Open Source platform and we are experienced in developing custom modules and plugins to achieve unique functional requirements.

As a Content Management System WordPress has evolved over the years and is the most used platform online for managing content, with a community who develops modules and new functionality for WordPress, there are often tools available to download and implement to your existing platform.

Wirebox can advise and recommend the most efficient solutions for your business, as we do for Chevin Fleet Solutions and New Scientist.

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Drupal is another well used Open Source content management system used by thousands of organisations worldwide. The platform was designed to be used by people without a huge amount of technical knowledge, however can be very daunting to people that have not used Drupal or are aware of the different functions available.

A Drupal platform, once customised will be built up of many modules all of which will vary depending on the functionality required on the front end of the website. Modules are written in PHP and can appear across different pages of a Drupal implementation, designed to advance the basic functionality you will receive in a “Vanilla Drupal installation”. Wirebox can develop custom modules for Drupal, refine existing modules or support all Drupal installations from security patching to optimisation.

An example of our Drupal Development can be seen through Living Space & Partners, one of the UK’s leading designer furnishing companies with three locations within central London.

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Magento is another Open Source platform designed to allow businesses to manage their content online. The main difference, or addition is that Magento is an online selling machine – a platform that not only allows you to list and manage your sales products online, it organises your business and allows you to market, promote and run reports on how successful the site operates.

A great deal of this functionality is “out of the box” with Magento, but the functionality still requires customisation as opposed to development, which is where Wirebox can assist you in supporting maintaining your Magento website.

Often some online shops sell products in bundles, we’ve developed software that allows the bundling of these products which reviews stock allocation at a management level, through our bespoke Magento development.

Clients including Retro Sweet successfully sell online, supported by Wirebox.

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To list all the tasks that can be classed as Support and Maintenance would be an impossible job, but to give you an indication of the type of tasks we can assist with, these would include:

  • Addition and amendment of web page text or images
  • Addition of pages, amending pages, removing pages
  • Adding, removing or amending site forms
  • Updating product inventory and pricing
  • Data entry
  • Newsletter maintenance and distribution
  • SEO basic tasks, hyperlinks and email addresses
  • Automated health checks – broken links
  • Bug fixes
  • Plugin installation
  • Template amendments
  • Management of domains, SSL Certificates

Depending on the type of agreement you select, in some instances we can look at including design changes, promotions and even programming. Many of our clients rely on everything to manage their presence and this can include content creation, animation and marketing campaigns.

We provide different solutions depending on your platform, technical experience / knowledge and requirements. Many clients simply want our support team to update content and add new pages, which is pretty simple, whereas other clients demand additional functionality to reduce costs or improve efficiency.

Upon understanding your support requirements we are able to offer a solution to suit your needs, either a monthly agreement or an ad hoc, on demand solution.