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March 23 2018

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What is Sitecore?

Sitecore is a customer experience management company that develops software to automate marketing on multiple channels, as well as the management of online content.

Sitecore is used to create sites that facilitate and encourage particular actions for return users. Various features unite UX with content and social media marketing, and are built for sales, marketing and non-technical professionals.

Features of Sitecore

Marketing Tools

Sitecore allows you to create different web forms to grab information about customers and users with a minimum requirement of coding and programming expertise. You can use such forms to perform actions like register customers for a webinar, ask for details before allowing a download or get in touch about a query. There are also various features allowing for the automation of marketing, from targeted emails to social media marketing. There are also tools to consolidate otherwise disconnected activities including campaigns, social marketing and CRM to provide a detailed analysis of marketing practices and their effect on lead generation.

SEO and Analytics

There is a Search Engine Optimisation Module, built with both content writers and website developers in mind. This module helps you to make your content website-friendly, and gives you the information you need to improve your page rankings. You can use Sitecore’s built-in analytics tools to get the numbers you need, or you can integrate your Google Analytics account into Sitecore directly. You have ultimate control over the Analysis, Insights, Data and Automation (AIDA), ensuring flexibility and usability.

User Experience

Breakthrough personalisation technology can turn a return viewer into a lifetime customer. Using an intelligent system that follows the individual user’s activity from their first visit to your website onwards, Sitecore learns about them and changes the site’s content to fit their requirements. Sites can be multilingual and multinational based on where the user is coming from, and editing the site is easy using Sitecore’s CMS. With configurable security settings and workflow management, you can be confident that you know at all times who’s using your site and for what purpose.

The Sitecore Exam

One of the more unique aspects of Sitecore is that you have to take an exam to be qualified to use their software. In order to get a Sitecore software license, you must complete a 2 hour exam containing 70 multiple choice questions, with no notes allowed. The questions aren’t particularly difficult, but require reading up about Sitecore’s features. The benefit of the required exam is that your clients and users can trust that you’re making the most of Sitecore and that you have the experience necessary to make outstanding sites and campaigns.

For advice about using Sitecore, how it can benefit your online business and how to ace that exam, drop us a line and we can give you a consultation.