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Social Media is the process of your business being socially active with your customer base using interfaces such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogging platforms.

It allows you to tell your customers about your business, future plans but more importantly it gives business leaders the opportunity to reach out and find out what their audience wants.

Social media is all about ‘knowing your customer’. Sounds simple doesn’t it.

Social networks have allowed consumers to connect far easier than ever before and that gives companies a HUGE opportunity in terms of SPREADING THEIR MESSAGE.

What we do within social media is make it so that consumers are not only hearing your message, but also listening.

We have spent years analysing this as part of the overall marketing strategy and have found it all comes down to six steps:

  • We audit your brands presence. It is important to understand what’s being said, what you’re currently doing in context alongside competitors in your sector.
  • Highlight relevant case studies inside and outside your sector to reveal best practice
  • Brainstorm and align objectives and KPIs with other measures of marketing effectiveness.
  • Discuss content plan and delivery of outputs – how do we deliver the right content to the right people at the right time.
  • Investigate how to integrate social strategy into all relevant business areas, from marketing to customer service, to maximise opportunities and manage threats.
  • Define and prioritise deliverables

Now we know that experts, particularly in digital, saturate the world. However, it takes a specialist to be able to export the most relevant information from the audit and piece together the fundamental areas for infiltration.

Think of it as a military offensive, planning the attack and infiltrating the core targets.

Our team of experts are not only aware of the quickly moving digital industry, but also become aware of your objectives. They set the scene for the strategy, seek out potential opportunities and also flag any signs of threats.

Development and management of platforms

We know how to create a compelling Facebook page and we can work with you so that you make the most out of Twitter and other social platforms.

We help clients by designing the platform, seeding content and managing customer usage by interactions, engagement and sentiment. To start this is all done in house to establish a best practise view before you take it in house.

Whatever the subject, bloggers are talking about, it is our job to identify who is talking, where they are talking and how much impact they are having with the target audience. We seek out the key bloggers, make contact, incentivise them and build them into the overall strategy.

Websites, Facebook apps, Mobile apps and Social Games

In correlation with the strategy, we design and build websites, apps, widgets, mobile sites, and even social games that not only create a viral buzz around your brand, but are also pivotal to creating significant ROI.

There are countless social monitoring and management tools to choose from. We use a selection of social analytics partnered with web analytics which helps us to:

Create an aggregated ranking system that we can use to break down the masses of data surrounding the customer and understand who the customer actually is.

Create reports, spread sheets and dashboards to report on the success of each campaign.

Monitor using alerts surrounding volume of traffic, orders, key words and sentiment whether positive or negative.

Partner social data with web data and any potential CRM data to create a single customer view. This allows us to track the user from source (email, social network, search, sms, application) through the website and to conversion.

Social Media Strategy and Implementation is tailored to individuals, companies or brands and depends on what they want to achieve.

Each campaign Wirebox creates has similar strategies but two are never the same. The next stage would be engaging the client to examine what they want to achieve and from there Wirebox can build a strategy and implementation plan.

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