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The Low-Down on WordPress 4.6

October 14 2016

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WordPress 4.6: What you Need to Know

WordPress ‘Pepper’, named after the jazz baritone saxophonist has many new features and functions. Here’s what WordPress users need to know.

Update Improvement

Theme and plugin management is streamlined in a more efficient update and installation process.

Native Fonts

All the fonts you know and love, from Times New Roman to Helvetica are included. Pepper uses your native system fonts as opposed to external resources.

Editor Backups

Content that you write is automatically saved to your browser, to prevent you from losing content when you accidentally close down the window or hit backspace.

Editor Link Checker

Links will also be checked automatically as you type them in.

Resource Hints

Pepper will automatically give you hints as to what styles or scripts to use to make your site faster.

Translations On Demand

The newest language packages will be installed and used automatically, making it easier to post content in different languages.

WP Engine WordPress 4.6 Updates

The WP Engine for Pepper will be updating from now until October. Self upgrade in User Portal, the window to set deferral, and automatic updates have already begun. In October, the deferral for automatic updates will be made available. During the upgrade, there will be automatic protection of your website, through the creation of a backup. The site will then be automatically tested after the upgrade.

You can look forward to all these new features and more.