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Third Party Integration

February 4 2016

Digital marketing
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Third party integration is the integration of third party applications into your current operating system. These third party apps are created and distributed by vendors other than the developer or platform and allow greater functionality on your website for your users and customers.

An example of a third party application which can be integrated into your website is Salesforce, a Content Relationship Management system (CRM). Salesforce provides companies with a software product for case management and task management along with other services. This allows customer queries to be organised and collected into the system, so that they can be quickly and efficiently dealt with.

Another example is affiliate schemes, where the application awards affiliates for every customer they bring to your site. This may involve other sites marketing your site online, thus drawing traffic to your site. The application makes use of tracking codes to keep track of how many people are drawn to your website through affiliates. This can be effective in reaching the target demographic for your website and services if you are affiliated with websites which people who might be interested in your website would also search for, such as websites with similar products or themes.

Why Integration is Useful

Third party integration is beneficial to your website because it gives your customers a greater array of options and abilities. This gives customers an incentive to use your website over your competitors, thus drawing traffic and increasing conversion rates. It also means that you will be able to more efficiently deal with your workload, including the management of customer relations. Thus greater use of third party applications will keep your customers happy as well as making your business better at meeting your customers’ needs. If the applications used are mobile compatible, then this will also draw in a larger pool of mobile users, a demographic which is quickly becoming the biggest online market.

Any successful third party products will be designed to be easily linked to your website, because this provides the product with indirect marketing, drawing more attention to the product and increasing their users. This is a win-win situation, which is why many third party apps are free or quite inexpensive. Most companies that make these apps will already have an application programme interface which will be easy to implement and use with your system. This system integration allows the data of users of the application to be delivered to your operating system without having to manually duplicate any work or effort.

How to Undertake Third Party Integration

There are many different kinds of third party applications, so you should consider which applications would be right for your website. There are customer experience applications ranging from alternative payment processing, allowing people to pay online in foreign currency or through an online account, to imaging and visualisation tools which allow you to show customers dynamic, three dimensional views of products.

The other broad category is marketing, analytics and performance apps. These will be used for the ‘back-end’ of your website, to show you the statistics you need to know such as traffic and the success of email campaigns. This also includes products to strengthen the security of your website, protecting it from hacks or other vulnerabilities.

Which app you will want to integrate will depend on the nature of your site and services. If you have an ecommerce site for example, you’ll probably want a payment app, as well as security products to safeguard your business and the transactions and data of customers.

Having decided which apps you want to integrate, you’ll need some expert developers to ensure the successful integration of your website. The developers could be the people who set up the website in the first place, or another group of developers with a wide range of experience in website integration and a strong history of facilitating website integration for many different companies. Wirebox has these qualifications, so if you want to talk to us about what services we can integrate into your site, contact us today.