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Using Odoo to Manage your Customer’s Business Requirements

September 20 2017

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What’s Odoo?

Odoo is a suite of enterprise management applications that can streamline and unify all aspects of business including project management, warehouse management, distribution, customer services and accounting. It’s the digital backbone of a successful online business. At Wirebox we use and endorse Odoo because it’s a high quality digital solution which is flexible and easy to use while delivering high quality outcomes.

What are Business Requirements?

It’s any kind of business need or demand from a customer or project user. These requirements might have multiple working parts, calling for a serial solution and warranting the smart deliberation between multiple options. Odoo is designed to be interactive in order to meet changing or new business requirements.

How are Business Requirements Met?

Modules can be customised to meet business requirements. This customisation involves these steps:

  • Customer Story: the explanation given by the customer or user about what they want
  • Scenario: a scenario is devised the put the requirement into context
  • Gap: the gap between the user’s desires and reality is determined
  • Delivery: a solution is decided and delivered to the user
  • Additional information: user feedback and results are considered

Odoo’s service modules are kept as generic as possible to cover a number of possible needs. The requirements attended to include IT development, business consultancy, manufacturing changes, trading and research and development.

Odoo’s modules are flexible to maintain a spontaneity to business requirements in a competitive business environment. Odoo’s repository includes modules for the purpose of managing projects, managing deliverables, creating reports and attending to CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Over time, Odoo has evolved from collecting and validating Customer Stories, to then linking all purposes and requirements, to having a clear and generic data module.

In the future, Odoo will be working towards these improvements:

  • Supporting online quotations with a CRM wizard
  • Supporting complex relations between Business Requirements
  • Improved tools for delivery and resource management
  • Integration with an ‘earned value’ report module