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March 3 2017

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If your 2017 online marketing strategy doesn’t have video as a major component, it’s time for a rethink. Video consumption on Youtube by younger, engaged viewers has exploded. Youtube now has a prime time audience among 18-49 year olds that’s bigger than the top 10 TV shows combined. Furthermore, young people are more passionate about online videos as a source of entertainment, with many using mobile devices to watch online media while also watching TV. Youtube ad revenues have increased precipitously, and despite starting off as an ad free platform, Youtube’s viewership has never been higher. This increase in online media consumption is a gold mine for any online marketer.

How can you use SEO to improve your leads and traffic?

Quality and value

First and foremost, your videos should add value and be of a high quality. If they are informative, entertaining or useful, people will be more likely to share and replay them. People like free stuff, and adding videos that are of value to your customers show them that you value them. You can use the Youtube Director App, available to download to your smartphone, to put together a high quality video in under an hour. You also get five seconds of free exposure on Youtube.

Interactive content

Youtube videos can use annotations and captions to add an interactive element to videos; i.e. by clicking on an annotation you can be directed to another video, allowing for an element of free choice and participation. The video can also include content which directs the viewer to another site. This interactive content boosts viewer engagement and can help to direct users to a course of action, which will be determined by the goals of your marketing campaign.


You can either host a video on your own domain, or embed or link to a video on Youtube. The benefit of hosting the video yourself is that Google puts your site up in the search rankings rather than the Youtube page if the video goes viral. However, if you’re attempting to expand your reach, then Youtube can help to direct viewers to your video and allow them to share it more easily with others. It’s a trade off that you’ll have to decide about given your goals.

Sharing on social media

Share your content on social media to make it more accessible to your fans. Twitter, Facebook and pretty much every other social media platform allows for videos, though the size and quality of videos may differ from platform to platform.


Even when doing video SEO, you still need to think about keywords! You can use key words and phrases that occur in the video. You can also use descriptions of what happens in the video as inspiration.


Details of the video, such as metadata, pixel count, length, origin in the metadata can help Google find the video and increase the rankings accordingly.


Finally, you can decide what the thumbnail of a Youtube video looks like. Try to choose one which looks good, is relevant to the content and will make customers want to click on it to learn more.