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Creative Design Turns Website Visitors into Clients

The design of your company website is a powerful tool to generate new clients. A well designed site can draw potential clients in, while a poorly designed site can drive them away. Here are a few tips to follow that could take your company to the next level.

Know Your Visitors

What are your visitors looking for? Make the product or service you provide the center of your website. Allow easy access to what you’re selling. Is buying simple to do, how many clicks does it take? Consider putting pricing on your products if you can. Make sure any images and written content on your site are relevant to what you do and sell.

Make Your Website Clear

A good website will be clear, simple and easy to use. Just look at the most popular site in the world: Google. Try to strike a balance between overloading your site with content and making it overly Spartan. You want to make your website look both creative and professional. Also, make sure that the loading speed of your site is fast. If loading time is any more than a few seconds, most people will give up and go somewhere else. This sounds brutal, but it’s just how the internet works.


Testimonials from other clients tend to increase visitors’ trust in your company, especially if the testimonials are in-depth, authentic and tell a narrative story about clients’ experiences with you. People like to use companies that they have heard from other people are effective and reliable. You can also display the logos of companies you have worked with. Use testimonials liberally throughout your site on any page that might influence a sale.

Give Visitors Free Content

While first impressions count, sales are rarely made on the spur of the moment. That’s why you want people to come back to your site again and again. You can do this by providing free content in the form of images or descriptions of your work, free subscriptions to newsletters or blogs and articles (Like this one!). This will demonstrate the quality of your work, as well as showing that you’re interested in keeping your visitors and clients happy.

Use Social Media

Speaking of blogs, social media will help to increase your client base for several reasons. First, it will give you multiple platforms for self promotion, and enable people interested in the services your business provides to find you. Also, social media allows you to keep track of what your audience are saying and give you feedback about your site. Not only that, but it can provide your audience with a forum to get to know each other and become a community. The strength of that community will motivate clients to stay with you, and new visitors to take the plunge. If your company doesn’t have twitter, facebook, blog and LinkedIn accounts already, sign up today and see what a difference it makes.

With these tips, there’s no end to how much your company’s clientele can grow.