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A web application is an application that is hosted in a web browser. A web browser is ubiquitous, allowing a web application to be developed and used on different systems. This negates the need to distribute updates to the web application on many different systems, allowing users the ability to maintain software centrally.

Since the inception of Wirebox, web applications have been at the core of our development strategy. However as technology has advanced considerably so has the applications we develop. We invest a lot of time and research into the latest technologies, offering our clients the best of what web technology has to offer.

Web applications are made up of many tiers including presentation (client side), application and storage. The client side has advanced thanks to the updates of web browsers and supporting of more standards. This has allowed the user interface of web applications to use techniques such as Ajax to achieve amazing interactivity.

The complexity of these web applications have since advanced, with the latest revision on the Internet standard HTML5 being more commonly adopted. These applications will be able to interact even more, with offline capabilities, video streaming and many more opportunities on the horizon.

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