Magicstay Hotel Group provides hotel accommodation and serviced apartments in and around central London. With five hotels and seven serviced apartment buildings, Magicstay has in excess of 100 available rooms in Central London, any evening.


As with all hotels, their main objective is to increase and maintain their occupancy rate and to maximise profits. Whilst their occupancy rate was a high percentage, the majority of their bookings were coming through the Hotel portal websites, such as or

Wirebox provided consultancy with the objective of increasing their on line exposure, direct to their website and to increase their click through rate and conversions from visitors to bookings, direct on the Magicstay website.

Magicstay recognised the importance of direct bookings from their website and brand marketing to achieve this.



Wirebox provided analysis on the Hotel sector, detailing the opportunity and traffic of the potential business available to a chain of hotels in the London area.

In addition, figures for conversion rates from visitors to direct on line bookings that could be expected.

To provide a return on investment for the Magicstay group, direct bookings were a requirement through their website. To achieve this Wirebox developed a new website, designed and built to promote confidence in the brand and make it easier for clients to book directly through the site.

The new group website displays all the hotels and apartments and can be viewed at

  • MagicStay landing page
  • MagicStay hotels listing page
  • MagicStay interactive map
  • MagicStay


Direct bookings are achieved with a mixture of organic and paid for bookings, however the overall cost saving is in excess of £25k per annum.

The WIFI within the hotel allows internet access for guests; it captures user details for future marketing and promotion whilst increasing the authority of the website and volume of traffic.

Wirebox continue to work with Magicstay, managing their on line presence and direct marketing. Our services to the group include:

  • Wireless Internet for Hotels
  • Email Marketing campaign
MagicStay iPad portrait
MagicStay iPad landscape
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