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I have heard this a lot recently, since Steve’s open letter regarding Flash and the no support on Apple devices like the Iphone and Ipad.

HTML5 is the next major revision of the HTML standard which offers new features like video playback, offline capabilities and drag and drop. It will make web applications act more like desktop applications and this will help accelerate applications from the desktop to the web.

Where is HTML5 now?

Majority of the latest browsers support some element of HTML5 but we would expect to see all browsers to support in one or two years time. The only hope is that they are supported in similar ways and are not as fragmented as they are with how they work with the current HTML4 standards. But knowing how Microsoft and Apple like to follow their own business interests rather then the interests of standards and the best for majority of users.

HTML5 video is used today as this is the way iPads play video on the web, so the big online video hosting companies like Google’s Youtube and Vimeo offer functionality which will play in HTML5 when viewing on those sort of devices.

In all fairness IE9 fairs well and conforms to a lot of the HTML5 standards and having a test of IE9 with the speed demos shows some good things you can do.

This has been around for a few months now, but the google experiment of HTML5 capability, The Wilderness Downdown was excellent.

It works well on the browser Chrome, but shows what can be achieved and we will see a lot more of this rather then full fledged flash sites in the future.

But how can I use HTML5 now?

Majority of web browsers do not support HTML5 to the full extend and they vary across all of them. This makes it harder to do fully HTML5 sites, as not everything can utilise the site.

But some features can be used, especially HTML5 video with the tablet devices like the Ipad.

But unless you have a specific user you are developing for, like a company application or tablet device, HTML5 features need a year or so to get in the main stream.