Wirebox is a full service London based
WordPress Development Agency.

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We design, build and manage custom bespoke WordPress solutions for businesses of various sizes.

Our knowledge and experience in WordPress development spans many different disciplines and sectors, from small or medium businesses looking for a content management system to large scale corporate organisations. Our own website, which you are currently viewing, was developed using this technology.

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What is WordPress

WordPress is an Open Source software solution which allows users to create and manage their own online content. As an Open Source platform, this solution has been developed by hundreds of community volunteers and there are thousands of plugins available to adapt the system.

Initially designed to provide access to bloggers, the community of WordPress is very advanced; there are help forums and guidance sites throughout the Internet, all offering advice on your WordPress development. WordPress comes with its own built in Content Management System (CMS) so that the site owner can instantly access the back end and make changes or update blog posts.

As the Internet has evolved, so has WordPress.

Websites and blogs require greater functionality to be able to work more efficiently and handle larger traffic as audiences increase. With more information available than ever before, there is a need for further categorisation. Social Media platforms are increasing daily and Social Networks can be integrated into WordPress. Online interaction has become a big thing, with online forums being created all the time. WordPress continues to evolve and can provide forum facilities with different available plugins.

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For business, WordPress
can be a powerful tool.

It supports users and provides them with the tools to update and manage a business website from anywhere in the world. Features can be created to match your business objectives – support and hosting is just a phone call away. As with all Open Source platforms, WordPress is constantly developing and benefits from a strong community who are always looking to provide improvements and support. In addition there are companies which look to provide services specifically for and around WordPress, such as specialist hosting solutions and security. Wirebox are experts in WordPress development, we love the system so much we built our own site utilising the tools available. This website is our showcase for WordPress development.


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