EC Group is one of the UK’s leading logistic companies, providing flexible warehousing, stock management and distribution.  They provide B2B services and their clients can contact EC Group to distribute orders and move stock

Magento is the perfect platform for ecommerce for business to consumers, it has the functionality to increase sales and manage a large number of transactions. Product categories, bundling of products, incentives and promotions can all be configured utilising the Open Source platform.


EC Group had different requirements from selling directly to consumers. They required a platform which their existing clients could independently log into their own store within a store, order stock and track clients.  With a large number of clients, each having many staff with access and rights to perform orders, it was imperative to ensure that the system was able to manage the requirements.

Additional requirements for EC Group included:

  • Client can only view their store information once logged in
  • Registration had to be removed as this was not required for existing clients
  • Ability to sell the same SKU to different clients, at different price
  • Remove checkout option as Magento was linked into their ERP system, where billing was managed
  • Restrict delivery and address limitations

Whilst the majority of the functional specification is supported by Magento, it is not tailored specifically when Magento is downloaded “out of the box”.  A key feature of Magento is that it can support multiple stores through one back end system; however this had to be adapted to allow multiple stores and multiple clients.

Wirebox were able to adapt the functionality by working with the store attribute to client profiles and cross checking the attribute upon login, redirecting the client to the correct site, wherever they logged in.

Registration was removed as an API was being used for the system to communicate with EC Group’s ERP system – MS Dynamics.  When their clients update, move stock or create clients and ordering through their Magento portal, the system communicates with MS Dynamics and the data is kept up to date.

There are many benefits to EC Group in the system they utilise, it saves a great deal of administration and reduces the workload for internal staff.  This saves a great deal of cost for the organisation and clients can log in and amend details directly, 24/7.