Howling Hands is an art design company which designs and creates models of the ideas of visual artists. Using a range of media and materials, Howling Hands has undertaken numerous acclaimed art projects and produced impeccable, sensorially stunning installations that express complex experiences and feelings.

Past clients of the company include Amazon DVD UK, BBC, BAFTA and Universal Pictures.


The Requirement

Howling Hands wanted us to create a website for them that reflected the company’s values. It had to be precise, easily navigable, direct and eye-catching.

Wirebox created a website which reflected the style of Howling Hands and was able to showcase the work of the artists who use their services. The website had a minimal number of links, none of which were redundant. The website displayed clear information about the company’s details and services for any interested users searching the site.

Howling Hands Products page - iPad portrait
Howling Hands iPad landscape

The result was that the site quickly received a large number of views and positive feedback from customers.

The site continues to work and increase leads for the company.