Living Space and partners provide Interior Design services including the supply of contemporary, modern furniture from three design studios in central London – Islington, Fulham and Baker Street.

The business had a website to provide information based on the products and services that they supplied, the information and images was present on the website, however statistic from Google analytics displayed that users were finding it difficult to navigate through the website. The bounce rate was high and the number of average pages per visit was very low.

What was key to the business was visits to the website and to convert the traffic into enquiries. Due to the poor performance of the initial website, ranking high on organic rankings was proving very difficult.

It was agreed that a redesign was required for the site with key objectives to deliver a site that would be more user friendly and easier to navigate through the website, which ultimately provide a greater return on investment for the client.


Wirebox provided consultancy on all elements of the website, from the design of the website to the content management system (CMS) and the marketing of the site upon delivery.

Following consultations and further understanding of the business requirements and a scoping exercise was completed which delivered specific deliverables to achieve the business requirements. It was agreed that the website was to be built following a bespoke design, utilising a Drupal framework which provided specific functionality which could be developed.

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LivingSpace website iPad went live in December 2014. The website provides Livingspace staff to be able to manage, upload and maintain the different sections of the site and training was provided for this.

Upon confirmation that the site could go live there was a great deal of effort in transitioning the site to ensure that existing organic ranking was not only maintained, but improved. Ensuring that the meta details, headers and content was correctly optimised was managed, as was the 301 redirects from the old URL’s to the new URL’s – Google webmaster received a great deal of love and attention that week!

Within a month of the website being launched, the organic traffic to the website had doubled.

Each and every he key performance indicators (KPI’s) on the site had improved, users were abe to navigate through the site – highlights included:

The bounce rate reduced by over 30%

The average number of pages visited increased by over 60%

Users on average were spending an additional 3 minutes per visit, on the site

What was more beneficial was the fact that conversions were not possible on the website previously, there was no tracking of how many people contacted the business, how many people booked appointments through the site or even signed up for newsletters. This tracking is now in place and the business is able to understand the return on their investment for advertising.

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