New Scientist is a popular weekly science magazine published in the UK, United States and Australia which disseminates and makes accessible scientific topics and recent discoveries. Readers actively contribute to the magazine with feedback, questions and commentary on fields as diverse as medicine, space technology and theoretical physics It is hugely popular in the UK with a total circulation of over 100,000.

New Scientist’s persistent success since its founding in 1956 is explained by its popularity and expertise in making scientific currents available and understandable for everyone, not just science experts or professionals.



New Scientist requested the creation of a site to promote a four day science and technology festival: New Scientist Live. For communication technology companies, this event will be perfect for meeting science’s thought-leaders as well as engaging with the scientific community and demonstrating corporate citizenship.

The event opening at the ExCel Centre in London from Monday 22nd to Thursday 25th of September will feature four immersive zones which the public can visit dedicated to the themes of the Universe, the Planet, the Brain and Body and Technology and Engineering. There will also be live talks and interactive demonstrations on related issues.

The requirements for the website were that it involve interactive media to put forward the ideas that will be central to New Scientist Live, and to give website users a taste of the interactive nature of the event itself. It would need to be professionally designed, easy to follow and informative about the details of the event and how interested people can make use of them.

New Scientist Live homepage - iPhone
iPad - New Scientist Live homepage

To meet New Scientist’s requirements we planned and created this website:

The website provides users with important information about the themes, schedule and location of the event, as well as some exciting previews of the great unresolved scientific questions which will be asked at the festival and interactive multimedia presentations designed to increase interest and discussion. The site is organised to allow visitors to easily find the information they want, as well as learn about the event in an entertaining and exciting way. A list of supporters and partners involved in the festival is included on the website so that people coming to the event can plan which talks they wish to attend.





The website more than met New Scientist’s expectations and they are now using the site to promote the event. We are honoured to work with New Scientist on this project given the cutting edge scientific and technological research that they have made accessible and available to the wider public.

Many of our clients and the companies with whom we are affiliated are very interested in the technological development that New Scientist and other scientific institutions facilitate, and the impact new technology has on economic growth and businesses as well as society more generally. If you’re interested in attending the event we invite you to visit the website and share it on social media.