NQ Solicitors is a company that matches trainee and newly graduated solicitors to legal firms looking to recruit for specific vacancies.

The company challenges the traditional business model by directly connecting businesses with applicants rather than acting as a go-between for them.

Using the information of applicants and connecting them to the requirements of businesses, NQ Solicitors uses information technology to make job applications more efficient and easier for all parties concerned.



NQ Solicitors requested Wirebox to design a website for their service. The website would need to be used by three user types: candidates, hirers and admins. The website would have to be divided into three to ringfence the separate functions that these different user groups would need.

But candidates and hirers would also be able to contact each other in order to establish interviews or give feedback. There would also need to be a blog that could be updated regularly and available to admins in order to provide helpful information to both applicants and businesses that use the service.

Blog mobile - NQ Solicitors
NQ Solicitors blog landscape

Wirebox designed the NQ Solicitors website to be usable and aesthetically pleasing, and was made to be responsive for mobile.

We also used a Google Maps pin to demonstrate where the company headquarters was on a map. Facebook and Twitter icons were added to help integrate the website with social media, allowing users to present applications on social media, along with other actions making job searching a more interactive, social process.

For the website’s blog we integrated Quarx, a Laravel Content Management System which we have expert experience with, to create a custom admin panel for Admins to create new content. We also used Laravel Guards to ring fence the three areas of the site for different users.


NQ Solicitors was pleased with the site, as it has delivered the functionality that they required to implement their unique business model which facilitates matching firms to candidates. The website works and has already been used to help solicitors find companies to work for.