Penguin Cold Caps is a company specialising in hair loss reduction and scalp treatment technology. They are the original innovators of the technique of Cold Cap Therapy, applying specially designed caps to cool the scalps of users, thus dramatically reducing hairloss and scalp damage.

The company has been distributing worldwide for more than 20 years.

Penguin ColdCaps logo

Penguin Cold Caps needed a specific website for the US, linked from their main site for users from elsewhere in the world. The US website had different requirements to the main website: for example it could use testimonials from US customers, rather than testimonials of customers from other places.

Furthermore, the website needed to have an accessible feel with a small number of link routes to pages on the site.

It needed to be readable and have interactive attributes which would help to direct users through the actions they wished to take, including signing up to the website, buying and ordering online, or getting in touch.

Penguin site localisation modal

The solution

Wirebox designed and created a website that met these criteria, using multimedia and interactive links to direct users to pertinent parts of the website.

It also incorporated scrolling to a greater degree than the previous site, given that website users are likely to scroll down through a website while in the process of perusing it.

The format of the site included large images as well as white space to make the text of the pages more readable.

Penguin main site iPad portrait
Penguin US banner iPad landscape

The result was that the website was used and implemented, with more customers in the US being reached. This improved the search rankings of the site, as well as the click through rate and lead conversion.

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