The PRI, Principles for Responsible Investment, is the world’s largest organisation for the promotion of responsible investment. It carries out research into the environmental, social and governance implications of investment opportunities in order to further the goal of a sustainable and efficient global economy. The PRI has two UN partners: the UN Environment Programme Finance Initiative and the UN Global Compact. These partners help to promote and enact the PRI’s principles of responsible investment, taking into account the ESG implications of investment and making decisions based on these factors transparent. These principles are promoted on the basis that they are of long term benefit to all people in society and globally.


The organisation began in 2005 as a 20-person investor group from institutions from 12 countries coming together, supported by social, intergovernmental and investment experts. Over the last decade, the PRI has grown enormously, with over a thousand signatories of the group’s investment principles and over $50 trillion of assets under management. The PRI has used its prominence and global reach to increase the living standards and opportunities of countless people around the world.


The Brief

The PRI was using SharePoint, a Microsoft Office server suite, to manage investment workshops and organise knowledge shares between investors, companies and individuals. However, users found that this resource was not effective but was complicated to use and implement.

The PRI website was also somewhat dated and required updating, in terms of the way it deployed and represented statistics and other information. There was a requirement for group creation, conversation and the exchange of information on the website. It was for this reason that the PRI reached out to Wirebox to examine and solve these problems, by implementing a more efficient group management application and creating a new and more functional website.

iPad Portrait - PRI Explore page
Landscape iPad - PRI homepage

In order to effectively meet the requirements of the PRI, the Wirebox team performed experiments in line with UX and UI design standards, taking part in a workshop in order to find out what issues users had with the SharePoint software and how to best implement and design an alternative. Wirebox then agreed the changes that needed to be made with the PRI and set to work.

The solution Wirebox came up with was an overhaul of the website, custom developed with an integration of third party software. The website implemented Odoo, an all-purpose open source group management software solution with time organisation, communication and enterprise planning functions; and Alfresco, a mobile document organisation app, which allows people to access, share and annotate documents from anywhere in the world.

The implementation of these applications on the PRI website was the biggest implementation of the software in Europe, requiring intense time and dedication.

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After the implementation and integration of the software on the website, group management and information sharing became much easier and more intuitive, allowing investors and other involved parties to access information through various search metrics.

Users were also more able to find and collaborate with other users on online workshops and build an online community in order to facilitate the furthering of shared goals and interests. PRI users and officials were satisfied with the solution and continue to use the website in its improved form.